My First Songs for iPad Music Game for Kids

My first Songs iPad is a music and rhythm game for kids aged 3-6 years old.
Combining 15 favorite children songs of all time like Old McDonald,
Hickory Dickory Dock, Baa Baa Black Sheep in newly composed versions
together with lively adorable animated characters, the game is absolutely one
of the best kid apps on iTunes. Not just another fun game, My First Songs iPad
also helps children learn English vocabularies and enhance hand-and-ear
coordination through playing. Frolic full-featured music videos keep children
entertained while enjoying the simple- yet addictive game play and alternately
singing along these well-known kid tunes.

15 songs come 15 music videos to make sure your children will never get bored
with the same repeated scenes and enjoy charmingly cute animation
as they are taping along catchy rhythms. Child-friendly interface offers convenience
for your kid to be able to easily cruise on the screen playing from one song to another.

Young kids only have limited attention at a time, so instead of having a long linear
game play, children can easily complete each song and be rewarded in the end.
With trouble-free, short and snappy in-game instruction provided, your children
will definitely grasp the idea of how to play right from the start. To complete a song,
they will just have to simply tap and twirl on the big button following the rhythms
to score. Based on their performance, your kids will be rewarded with different
types of crowns.

While playing My First Songs iPad, it is surely a good chance to build
a parent-and-child relation through this new fun family activity. Teach your kid
new vocabs through these famous kid songs and encourage this young musician
to listen carefully to catch the beats and tap on!
A great music and learning game and definitely plain joy!.

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